I’m a visual person.  I use sticky notes everywhere.  I have piles on my desk so I won’t forget to tend to details.  I have a bulletin board and large calendar in my home office that keeps me on track with deadlines.  If not for these visual aids, too much would be “out of sight…out of mind.”

Believe it or not…even my jewelry is a visual aid.  I wear three rings with the purpose of reminding me of my three priorities: God, my marriage, and my children.

My thumb ring represents my priority of keeping God first.  I chose the thumb because if I keep God my first priority everything will be A-OK.  


My wedding ring I wear on the left hand obviously reminds me of my marriage priority…even in this difficult season.

The ring on my right ring finger represents my children.  The two diamonds represent my 2 daughters and the three amethyst represent my 3 sons.

In the picture above, you’ll also notice a bracelet.  That’s a new symbol…a gift from a friend overseas.  She wanted me to have a “princess bracelet” during this hard season as a reminder that I’m a princess of the King.  When she went through a dark season not too long ago, she had several princess bracelets that she wore for that very reason.

What about you?  Do you have any symbols of significance that you wear or keep in a prominent place?


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12 thoughts on “Ring-a-ling

  1. For our 9th wedding anniversary my husband gave me a ruby ring because he said I was a Wife of Noble Character. I love that ring and what it means -it reminds me each day to behave as a Wife of Noble Character as well as a mom of Noble Character.

  2. I, too, have jewelry that reminds me of what’s important. I have a ring of footprints that I call my “Follow Jesus” ring. I purchased it in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for about $2 and it’s lasted forever. A second ring looks like intertwined cord. It reminds me that when I hope in or wait for God, I’m intertwined with Him and not alone. That’s what hope/wait in Isaiah 40:31 means. It’s the Hebrew word qavah. My third ring simply says “hope” because I must be reminded of where my hope should rest.

  3. I have a ring on my pinky..right hand that I bought at a craft fair with my daughter in law…I wear it to remind me to pray for her..she is not a Christian…I have a bracelet with crystals of each of our children’s / grandchildren’s birthstones…makes me feel so good to wear it

  4. I have a ring that says Courage on it. My sister got one for all four of us sisters. I received it 2 weeks after my husband left me 2 years ago. It reminds me to keep my head up and to have the courage and strength to live the life I was given and to remember that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

  5. I wear a ring on my right ring finger. It says 1 Corinthians 13:4. On the inside band of the ring is “love is patient love is kind”. Just a gentle reminder sometimes that patience and kindness are the greatest virtues that we can teach our children when dealing with each other. And of course on my left ring finger is my wedding band linking myself and my husband. I also wear a cross necklace all the time. I tend to play wi it and each time I catch myself doing so I send p a prayer. Usually isn’t much more than a thank u but it reminds me to keep the communication open.

  6. When my marriage was rocky and all I wanted to do was run I bought two new rings. One has a white heart, one a red stone. The red was to remind me of Christs blood that showed mercy to me and therefore I should to my husband. The white heart to remind me that God had forgiven my husband for any sin/pain inflicted etc and would also forgive me. Lots of symbolism. Some days I looked at those rings on my hand every hour to remind me to stay and believe His promises for my marriage. I have not taken them off in 3 years.

  7. My husband gave me a ring for Christmas that says, “Hope.” It is in memory of our little baby that we lost to miscarriage last August. Before I had the ring, I had nothing tangible to remember her by, and I was struggling through depression. But in the time period that he gave me the ring, God brought me to a turning point, so the ring is more than just a memory of my baby: it reminds me of God’s faithfulness and it helps center my thoughts on the future He is preparing for me instead of the past.

    I also have a mother’s bracelet with the names of my three boys. I love to wear it, especially when I’m away from them, to remind me of who I am as a mother.

  8. I gave my 10 year daughter a ring that says “purity” after our mother/daughter “Growing Up” weekend. It is a reminder to stay pure in her heart, words and deeds so that in everything she may glorify God. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

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