Slow Down and Simplify: Play with your kids

Today’s “slow down and simplify” assignment is to stop what you are doing at some point throughout the day.

Let your “to do” list go, realize that the housework will still be there when you are done, and simply take 15 minutes to play with or focus on your child.

Pull out crayons and color a picture. Build with legos.  Play a game of basketball with your teenager.  If your teen loves video games and you don’t, sit down and join them in their game.  If your daughter loves to play dolls, do some pretending right along with her.  If you son likes to play with cars and trucks, build a road with blocks and join in the fun.

If you fall into the “fun” mom category, this might not be a difficult assignment.  But if you’re more of a type-A-get-things-done-mom, this might be more of a challenge for you.

I’d love to hear about your experience!


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12 Responses to Slow Down and Simplify: Play with your kids

  1. kristin says:

    I have been making a more intentional effort to do this. It never fails that EVERYONE is happier when this happens. And nobody tells me there are dishes in the sink or my kitchen needs to be mopped. I’ll take care of those things, but after we play outside, where my kids love to be pushed on the swing. And, seriously, it has been freeing for this Type-A momma to let go and re-prioritize her more important calling.

  2. c says:

    Ten years ago when I still lived in Normal, IL and my children were babies I heard you speak on ‘urgent vs. important’. It made a huge impact on me and I have kept it in mind daily. The ringing phone sounds urgent, but playing trucks/dolls on the floor or snuggling while reading is important. I choose important thanks to your wise words many years ago.

  3. Thanks for reminding me to keep my focus on the “important” and not on the things that seem so “urgent.” The laundry’s urgency never seems to go away, but I know my time with my precious children will.

  4. Michelle says:

    Even with our house on the market and trying to keep up with the daily stuff, I stopped to build a pyramid with Ethan today. Thanks Jill!

  5. Lisa says:

    When my son was little, we would run outside after a really heavy rain and make foil boats to sail down the street gutters. He STILL remembers that and he’s 12! It’s the little things that matter the most to him. Take time to take the time – it’s so worth it!!

  6. Jaime M. says:

    Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I was determined to take full advantage. I got the bikes and helmets ready, along with the soccer ball, baseball gloves and rocket balloons. When my son got off the bus and was running home after school, he saw me in the driveway and said, “Mom, is today a good day to go to the park?” And I happily replied “YES!” My husband and I headed to the park with our two boys, where we played for several hours. We picked up take out on the way home to extend our play time. Dinner was late, homework was late (usually a rule to have it done right after school), baths and bedtime were a little delayed too, and that’s okay. What a wonderful feeling to just let go of routine and enjoy my children, and the beautiful weather, together. I hope to do this more often!! Thanks, Jill!

  7. Well its a good article ….The ringing phone sounds urgent, but playing trucks/dolls on the floor or snuggling