Some questions to ponder…

How would you revolutionize your home, family, or marriage if you…

…prayed together as a family?

…refrained from saying everything you think and measured your words instead?

…bought and wore a matching bra and panties set (white and beige don’t count!)?


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7 Responses to Some questions to ponder…

  1. Beccy Kirtland says:

    We have always prayed at mealtime as a couple and later as a family. We also pray with our children individually when we tuck them in at night. Thanks to a guest preacher that came to our church Sunday, we had a family prayer structured around giving our family strength. It was an awesome message on facing the difficulties that come with children reaching the teen/college years. There was a time for parents to pray and then for children to pray for the parents. It was a very sweet and precious time for me and my family.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love the third one (okay my husband says the third one is the 2nd most important). Loe your work Jill!

  3. wendy says:

    My youngest (7 yr. old) has recently suggested we “pray more as a family” by having us do an activity she was given at Sunday School class, where we fill out slips of paper with prayer requests and pull a couple at dinner time, to include in our meal-prayer. I’m so thankful for her and her persistence, too! :) Last night was our first night trying her activity and I think it could continue.

    The “criticism fast” you mentioned earlier this week was very helpful, too! Thanks, Jill.

  4. Michelle G says:

    I totally love the third one, and so does my husband ha! I told him I’d be happy to go do a little shoppin;)

  5. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the practical questions to think about this weekend. I laughed after I read the 3rd one! It just wasn’t what a expected! But I do agree and may also need to do some shopping soon!