Sometimes I need to rethink the way I think…

You know, I try to accomplish as much as I can in a day. In some ways, it’s how I measure success.  I bet you do too much of the time!

My friend Jody said a post from another Mom on Facebook made her reevaluate this way of thinking, though. The post said: “I’m totally unproductive when I have a sleeping baby lying on me. I can just lie here and listen to her breathe….”

As Jody imagined this Mom being unable to get things done, she read another Mom’s comment: “Looks like it’s time to redefine the word ‘productive.’ I’m pretty sure sharing a heartbeat with your newborn is a good use of time.”

Bonding with a baby by just being present, is being productive. Being really present for much older kids, and my husband and friends is too. It’s like sharing a heartbeat all over again.

How do you need to redefine “productivity” today?


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9 thoughts on “Sometimes I need to rethink the way I think…

  1. If someone were to look at my house this morning, it would appear that I was very unproductive yesterday. However, I know that I ran needed errands in the morning. I chose to say “yes” to my children and play outside in the rare January weather we have experienced. I then surprised them with a trip to the park before I chauffeured my daughter to band practice. Finally, all three girls were bathed before the dinner I prepared at home. It was the Real Moms; Real Jesus study yesterday that encouraged me to minister to my children. Today, I will clean up without any regrets of the choices I made yesterday. I’m choosing to live in today.

  2. Oh wow. Defining productivity is so tricky. Too often, I let the world define it for me. I have found asking myself, “If I die, would I want to be remembered for doing this?” It helps me keep perspective when the to-do list overwhelms….because while I want to be remembered as taking time to really be present with my kids I also don’t want to be remembered as never cleaning my house!

  3. I’ve struggled with this before. I want to be present for my family, but sometimes catch myself folding laundry in my room or other tasks while I should be spending time with them. For me, a truly productive day would be a day that I listen to God’s voice as I try to get my to do list done. That way, I don’t miss the “God appointments” that come to spend time being with, playing with, or listening to my family, friends, and strangers.

  4. The bathroom floor needs to be grouted, but instead I’m taking my 2 year old out to enjoy the sunshine & 50degrees before our Midwest snowstorm hits tonight.

  5. Being in the final weeks of my second pregnancy, this is especially poignant. I remember the same experience with my first – just holding him after he finished nursing in the middle of the night instead of putting him back down. The house, the whole world, was quiet and it was just me and that little boy. Those moments are sacred. Unfortunately it also goes by too quickly.

  6. I find that I get so focused on getting our tasks done for the day, like homeschooling or whatever I have on my list, that I can ignore their hearts. I try to learn from Michelle Duggar (I watch that show & read her books as a parenting class!) about training their hearts. These little ones are not distractions; they are our main job right now. Often, I have to pray a breath prayer, then try to gently correct or teach instead of getting annoyed at the interruption. So, to me, a more godly view of productivity focuses on the heart instead of tasks. Hard for me, a type A, but things go better when I can remember it.

  7. Sometimes it’s not just the world telling us what productivity is. Mostly for me it’s my husband. I get anxious for his arrival wondering if I’ve done “enough” to satisfy him. Does it LOOK like I did any thing???? This is a huge struggle for us. I haven’t figured out how to address it with him…

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