We have 8 winners!

It’s been so exciting to read all the wonderful feedback about the new Hearts at Home website and what workshop choices you would make if you won a registration to one of our conferences!

Thank you to every one of you who took the time to enter the giveaway! It think it was definitely the biggest giveaway Hearts at Home has ever given before.

I thought I’d give you a behind the scenes look at our high tech drawing process. First I printed out all the comments…that was 27 printed pages of comments!

Then my sweet husband helped me cut out the comments and put them in piles according to the conference you would choose.

Then my sweet son-in-law, Kendall, who is home for two weeks on Army leave from Iraq (we love you Kendall) actually drew the winners from each group!

Things are so high-tech around here!

Anyway…our winners are:

National Conference, Bloomington, IL

  • Michele Lehmann
  • Kassy Mcilrath

Western Conference, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Kristi (luv2scrap4fun)
  • Shelly, (ehough)

Minnesota Conference, Rochester, MN

  • Lisa (wolf23)
  • Hilary (nhbloss)


  • Rebecca (neverbelacking)
  • Amanda (amanda.corley)

Congratulations to all of you!  I’ll be emailing all of you with further instructions!

And if you didn’t win, I do hope you’ll still join us at an event in 2011.  Come with your sister, sister-in-law, college roommate, moms group, and come by yourself!  Remember taking care of yourself IS taking care of your family!  You can register online at www.hearts-at-home.org!

Fresh Look, Fresh Words, Fresh Vision GIVEAWAY

Last Friday, I told you about Hearts at Home’s new logo and tagline. Today I want to introduce you to our brand new website! We’ve completed Phase I of our new website with a completely new look and easier navigation to find what you’re looking for. We also wanted fresh content everyday and now you’ll find these blog posts right on the front page of the Hearts at Home website!

Not only do we have our new website ready for you to explore, but we also have registration for all three of our 2011 conference events open!

To celebrate our fresh look today and the beginning of the 2011 conference registration period, today is a giveaway day. And this is a BIG giveaway.

We’re giving away:

* 2 conference registrations for the National Conference, March 11-12, Normal, IL
* 2 conference registrations for the Colorado Conference, Oct 7-8, Colorado Springs, CO
* 2 conference registrations for the Minnesota Conference, November 4-5, Rochester, MN
* 2 Conference-On-The-Go (formerly Home Conference Packets) for any of the 2011 events! (This allows you to “attend” the conference via CD’s!)

Here’s how you enter:

Go to www.hearts-at-home.org.  Click on “Events” and then pick the conference you would like to attend.  Click on the “Workshops” tab and read through all the workshops at that conference.  Choose one that would be your number one workshop choice.

Come back to www.jillsavage.org and comment on this post. (If you don’t know how to comment on a blog post, click HERE for directions.) 

And here’s how your comment needs to read to enter the giveaway:

1) Location of Conference you’d like to attend (or Conference-To-Go)
2) Name of Workshop you’d choose as your number one workshop choice
3) One thing you like about the new website
4) Your first name and email (i.e. jillannsavage (at) yahoo.com)

Comments may be submitted until 7am CT Wednesday when we’ll draw names and post the winners by 9am Wednesday.

This is one of the biggest giveaways Hearts at Home has ever offered!  I’m so excited and I hope you are too!

And the winner is…

Ok, so I said I would draw a winner for the Homespun Gifts From The Heart book at 10pm on Thursday evening.  

Guess what I was doing?  Sewing.

Guess what I was doing at 11pm Thursday?  Sewing.

Midnight? Sewing

1 AM?  Yep, you guess…sewing.

I finally hit the sack at 2:30am.  Crazy!!!! 

I was so determined to get these gifts done while my mom was here!  One is completely finished and the other is close.  But mom had to go home today. 

So….tonight I’m finally getting a chance to pick a winner for the Thursday book giveaway!  Thank you for ALL the incredible homespun gift ideas!  I loved our discussion and you’ve given me so many wonderful ideas! 

And the winner is…Carole from New Jersey.  Carol, because you didn’t leave your email, you’ll need to email me at jillannsavage (at) yahoo.com so I can send out your book.

If you didn’t win and you want to pick up Karen’s book for even more Christmas ideas, you can order it HERE!

Have a great weekend!

Still Sewing….

Mom and I are still sewing today! Wow these quilts are taking a lot longer than we thought!

Many of you have asked how to make a t-shirt quilt. After Christmas I’ll do a post on it with pictures of the quilts I made…but in the meantime just google “t-shirt quilt” and you’ll find there are alot of pictures and great instructions out on the web!

I love all the wonderful ideas shared for “homespun gifts from the heart” yesterday! You can still submit your ideas today and be entered into the drawing for Karen Ehman’s book Homespun Gifts From the Heart.

If you’re looking for great Christmas gift ideas, make sure you read all the wonderful comments on yesterday’s post.  You can find them HERE!

I’ll draw a winner at 10pm CT tonight!

Homemade Christmas

My mom and I are spending today sewing T-shirt quilts for Christmas presents (my son and son-in-law know that is what they are getting…they gave me the t-shirts! They just don’t know what they’ll look like!)

This year is a living with less Christmas for us, so homemade gifts will be a priority this year.

I’m still looking for some gift ideas and I bet many of you are, too. So let’s share some homemade “living with less” gift ideas here.

If you comment on today’s post and share your ideas, you’ll be entered to win Karen Ehman’s Hearts at Home book Homespun Gifts From The Heart.  It’s a great book filled with wonderful gift ideas, too!  I’ll draw a winner Thurday

What “homespun with love” gifts will you be giving or have you given in past years?

Congrats to the CD winners!

Congratulations Chrissy, Jennifer, and China mama! You each won one of the Fuel Worship CD’s! I’ll be contacting you by email to get your address so we can send the CD’s!

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite exercise songs yesterday! I think we all have some great suggestions for a new exercise playlist!

Got any suggestions for great worship songs for running?

Yesterday I talked about turning on my iPod and running. Erin asked about my favorite worship songs for running. Here’s a list I made:

Worthy of My Praise
Shout to the North
Salvation is Here (Hillsong)
Revolution (Hillsong–United We Stand)
Better is One Day (Charlie Hall—Worship Together)
Break Free (Hillsong–Savior King)
Every Move I Make

I also LOVE to run to my son’s Fuel Band worship CD “Depths of Love” that he and some friends made for a fundraiser for a mission trip to Romania a couple of years ago.  I still have some of those CD’s so I’ll give away THREE of them today!

(If you’d like to check out my son’s new band you can find them online at www.musicbyemerson.com.)

Just post your favorite worship songs for exercising and I’ll draw three random winners from those who comment!  (Make sure and include your email like this: jillannsavage (at) yahoo (dot) com.)

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

And the winners are…

The winners of the What Women Want Now Expo giveaway are:

2 All Access VIP Passes go to Tristi!

Girlfriend Pack of Four Tickets goes to email address Lbngb93!

I’m sending an email to both of you with instructions on how to get get your tickets! Congratulations!

Thank you to all who entered!  I hope that I’ll still see many of you at the What Women Want Now Expo! It’s only $5 at the door so it makes for an affordable little getaway!