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Doing Nothing Together

Mark says: “We need to do this more often.” That’s what I said to Jill yesterday morning as we spread out a blanket on the grass along the shore of Lake Michigan.  The International students we were hosting really wanted … Continue reading

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Our Hot Tub Surprise

A year ago I spoke for a church retreat. The retreat planners gave me a beautiful gift basket of goodies. Inside the gift basket was one of the most unique gifts. It was a gift certificate for a free rental … Continue reading

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School Year Dating Strategy

Our boys are headed to school next week which means that Mark and I need to transition from our summer dating strategy to our school year dating strategy. Because Mark’s days off are Friday and Saturday, we are able to … Continue reading

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Date your mate ideas to get you started!

Recently my husband found himself in conversation with a friend. They were discussing marriage issues when the husband asked, “Do you and your wife really go on a date every week? Mark replied that, indeed, we do make dates a … Continue reading

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Date Your Mate

Mark and I are self-described as being married 26 years, 16 of them happily. We’ve worked through the highs and the lows of our marriage relationship. When we got to the other side of our difficult season, we determined we … Continue reading

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