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Living With Less: Keeping a Balanced Checkbook

A couple of weeks ago our daughter Anne was having trouble getting her checkbook to balance.  She went over and over it and finally decided to go to the bank to inquire about some discrepancies.  She began to explain to … Continue reading

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Living With Less: The Power of Cash

My walking partner, Crystal, and I were talking last night about the power of cash in a “less is more” budget.  It’s a lesson that Mark and I have learned the hard way, blowing budget after budget using our debit … Continue reading

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Do I have any Florida Blog Friends?

Mark and I are excited to be part of the Focus on the Family “Celebrate Family” Tour.  We’ll be at the Orlando, Florida, event on Wednesday, May 19.  If you live close enough to come to the Orlando event, we’d … Continue reading

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Focus on the Family WEBCAST Today!

Today I’ll be joining the discussion on the weekly Focus on the Family live webcast for moms! This time, however, I’ll be doing so from the comfort of my home and the technology of Skype!  The topic of the one … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement: Money Management for Kids

Money Management for Kidsby Jill Savage Every child has their own financial personality. Three of our children are savers. Two are spenders. Of course, they take after both my husband and me, who sit at opposite ends of the spending/saving … Continue reading

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Our Debt Snowball

A year ago Mark and I decided to take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course that was being offered at our church. It was the best money decision we’ve ever made! One of the things Dave talks about is the Debt … Continue reading

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Three more days!

I apologize for my delay in posting. Mark and I and our two youngest kids were in a traffic accident this week. Someone ran a stopsign and broadsided us. We’re all ok, but very sore. Unfortunately our van didn’t fare … Continue reading

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More ideas!

Girls, I am loving these great ideas! Today’s suggestion for making ends meet is to plan meals. I find when I plan my meals, I use my food more wisely, and we are tempted to eat out less! I’ve gone … Continue reading

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