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Doing Nothing Together

Mark says: “We need to do this more often.” That’s what I said to Jill yesterday morning as we spread out a blanket on the grass along the shore of Lake Michigan.  The International students we were hosting really wanted … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday: Love During Hard Times

Last week I had the privilege of partnering with Focus on the Family to encourage marriages on their radio broadcast. They also featured a 5 minute video I did for them in the fall about loving when it’s hard. If … Continue reading

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2010 takes us into 2011…Are You Your Spouse’s Publicist?

Last week when when I was reading Thriving Family Magazine, one article title caught my eye: Become Your Spouse’s Publicist.  In the book world, a publicist is one who advertises and promotes books.  It got me thinking…Do I more often … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday: Date Night Over the Holidays

Today’s Marriage Monday will be the last new one until the new year.  Starting Wednesday, Dec 23 through Tuesday, January 4 (the two weeks our boys are off school), I’ll be taking off two weeks of active blogging.  During those … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday: What if your spouse isn’t interested in making your marriage better?

We’ve talked for the past few weeks about the importance of “download” time.  We’ve explored the importance of intentionally making your marriage better.  But what if you’re the only one in your marriage interested in making your marriage better?  Today’s … Continue reading

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