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“Jill Savage is the best.  If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who can touch the heart of an audience, Jill is your girl.  Her honest, relevant, story-telling style makes her one of the strongest female communicators today.”
Dr. Kevin Leman, best-selling author and speaker

“”Jill Savage speaks with so much practical wisdom. She is very real, and very present and freely admits her failures but also her successes as she walks with God.”
Susie, mom of five

“Thank you again for the wonderful spirit you and Mark brought to our church. Your authenticity spoke even louder than your words.  Here is what I heard right after the marriage event… “If it was for nobody else, it was for my husband and I. So many things have turned around… I see a hope in him that was not there before.”
Linda Stapleton, Myrtle Beach Community Church

Mark and Jill Savage are awesome! I loved how open and honest they were about their own journey in parenting. Their transparency was refreshing and inspiring! Thanks again!”
Candi Smith

Jill and her husband Mark speak at a variety of conferences and other private and public events throughout the year. Check out their schedule to see if they are coming to your area. Contact numbers or links are included for events that are open to the public.

Request Jill, Mark, or both Jill and Mark to come speak at your event!


January 11, 2011
Immanuel Lutheran Church: MOPS
Crystal Lake, IL; 9am-10:30am
“Keeping the Balance”
Sarah 815-459-1441 or HERE
Please call for childcare availability.

January 17, 2011
Normal First United Methodist Church
Normal, IL 7-9pm
“Real Moms Real Jesus”
Janet Lammey 309-451-1394

January 21, 2011
Harmony Bible Church
Danville, IA; 9:30am-11:30am
“Raising the Next Generation”
Rebekah Beekman 319-394-9856
Please call for childcare availability.

January 26, 2011
Eastview Christian Church: Mom to Mom
Bloomington, IL 9am -11am
“40 Practical Parenting Tips”
Sandy Theile 309-662-4768

February 3, 2011
Evangelical Free Church: MOPS
Bloomington, IL 9am-11am
“Professionalizing Motherhood”
Amy Max 309-531-5110 or http://www.efreebn.org/womens_ministry/article202579.htm

February 19, 2011 (Mark and Jill Savage)
Lutheran Social Services of IL
Embassy Suites, Peoria, IL; 10am-12pm
Becky Moore 217-522-4296 or http://www.lssi.org/

March 11-12, 2011
Hearts at Home National Conference
Normal, IL

April 21, 2011
Immanuel Mops
Immanuel Church
Gurnee, IL 9-11am
“Real Moms…Real Jesus”
Elizabeth Strahan 847-672-4695

April 21, 2011
Immanuel Mops
Immanuel Church
Gurnee, IL 6:30-9pm
“Love For A Lifetime” couples night out
Elizabeth Strahan 847-672-4695

April 28, 2011
First Southern Baptist Church
Yuma, CO; 6pm-8pm
“Real Moms…Real Jesus”
Krystal Ballah 970-630-4035 or http://www.yumamops.blogspot.com/

October 7-8, 2011
Hearts at Home Colorado Conference
Colorado Springs, CO

November 4-5, 2011
Hearts at Home North Central Conference
Rochester, MN

"The Friendship Factor" February Discussion and Giveaway

The past few years I’ve done a makeover in my girlfriend relationships. I went through a dark time where I didn’t pursue friendships because of wounds from the past. “I’ve been hurt too many times,” I reasoned.

Being a pastor’s wife doesn’t help the situation either. People come to the church, you love on them, care for them, and then they get ticked off, or just decide to go somewhere else maybe even for good reasons, but they just disappear without even so much as a word. And each time that happens, if I’m not careful, I close off my heart to relationships just a little bit more because I don’t want to get hurt again.

But the truth is, I need friendships. I need others in my life that I can love on and who can love on me. You need friendships, too. You need relationships where you love other and are loved, serve others and are served, know others and are known, and celebrate others and are celebrated.

Jesus modeled this for us. He could have lived alone, but He didn’t. He chose to live life with the disciples…they were his group of friends.

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing about some of my friendships and the unique role they play in my life. Because no friendship is the same, we all need unique relationships that affect our lives in different ways. I’ll also be sharing about some important lessons I’ve learned about friendship.

This discussion will be our February giveaway. If you participate in the friendship discussion, your name will be thrown into a basket for a giveaway I’ll be doing Saturday, Feb 20. The prize will be a Hearts at Home book of your choice.

Here’s what I’d love to hear about during this discussion:

1) A special friendship and how you make that friendship work.

2) Struggles you have had with friendships and how you are working to move beyond the experiences.

3) Moms group friendships and the difference a moms group has made in your life.

4) Honest struggles with girlfriend relationships (no names—just the general challenges you’ve experienced).

5) Friendship lessons you’ve learned along the way.

I look forward to our discussion. Everytime we do this, we learn so much from each other! And please invite your friends in on the discussion. The more we have participate, the more we can learn and encourage one another!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as wonderful as ours! We enjoyed spending time with friends and family and had some of our favorite foods like Beef House Rolls and Persimmon Pudding.

I’m taking a week off from regular blogging to spend time with my hubby. I’m still in disbelief, but in just a few hours we’ll be boarding a plane for one week in Hawaii! And we’ve only known about this trip for about 4 weeks! A couple in our church approached us 4 weeks ago and asked us to join them in their time share in Maui. They even covered our airfare. Now I’m honestly wavering between feeling overwhelmed with their generosity and overwhelmed with everything you have to do to make arrangements for mom and dad to be gone. Thankfully our older children and a friend from church will be handling childcare. I’ve got the color coded schedule of who is picking up what kid when and I’m praying that no one forgets!

If you’ve ever heard me speak or read any of my books, you know that I preach “wife first, mother second.” It’s a lesson I learned the hard way after just about ruining our marriage during the first 10 years when our world revolved around the kids. But even though I believe in keeping my marriage a priority, it honestly doesn’t make it any easier to actually leave my kids. I’ve fought the same old feelings of not wanting to leave that I fought years ago when I first learned of the importance of an occasional marriage getaway. But I now know the importance of pushing through those feelings to do the right thing. And in the long run, it’s actually the best thing for my kids–because a healthy marriage gives our kids the stability they long for!

So to keep you encouraged this week, I’ve pre-posted a simple thought each day to encourage you in your marriage. Please post your comments as they come to you and I’ll catch up with you when I return home.

Joining you in the journey,