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Best of 2010: Be a Yes Mom!

For the past two summers I’ve ran a post on being a “Yes Mom.”    It’s proven to be a very popular post that I thought would also be appropriate during Christmas break.  Last summer my boys ran inside and … Continue reading

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Have you had any “yes” moments this week?

Mark and I are tucked away from technology for the remainder of this week enjoying some time with our family. This will be a short post from my phone. We hiked today at Turkey Run State Park. I worked hard … Continue reading

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The “yes” mom opportunities continue…

It’s the last week before school starts so this week I’ve really tried to be conscious of the “yes” mom opportunities that come my way. Tuesday night both boys had a friend spend the night. “Mom, can the four of … Continue reading

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We have a "Yes" Mom winner!

July has been a good month for all of us who have participated in the “Yes” mom challenge. I’ve loved reading your “yes” mom stories…they have encouraged me and challenged me all at the same time! My hope is that … Continue reading

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Busy Day and a “Yes” Mom Moment

Today was a busy homemaking day. Kolya and I froze 8 gallon bags of summer squash and zucchini from the garden. In the past I’ve given away our excess and not really taken the time to freeze it, but this … Continue reading

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A Change of Plans

A few weeks ago my husband’s employer changed health insurance companies. That’s a bummer when you’re in the middle of a diagnosis/treatment program like Erica is. Knowing that Mayo was not “in network” I submitted an appeal to allow her … Continue reading

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A “Yes” Moment

“Mom, can we fill up the horse trough and swim?” PS–No, we don’t have horses. The previous owners left the horse trough in our barn! PPS–Join the “yes” mom challenge here!

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