The 12 Days of Christmas Break

My boys have been home one full day and it’s obvious this momma is going to have to be intentional to keep them from moaning “I’m bored,” playing too many hours of video games, or watching too much television.

I’ve decided to do something new on the blog over the next two weeks.  I’m calling it “The 12 Days of Christmas Break.”

Each weekday, I’ll post one or more activity ideas to do with your kids.  Take it or leave it…or comment with your own ideas!  And definitely share the ideas with other moms!

Let’s encourage each other to be intentional moms, to use whatever time we have with our kids wisely, and to be fully in the MOMent!



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3 Responses to The 12 Days of Christmas Break

  1. Karen says:

    I am looking forward to some new ideas, especailly with teen and tween boys! Thank you!

  2. Mindy says:

    This is my son’s first real Christmas break (he’s in kindergarten). Today was the first day, and to start it off right and burn up a bunch of energy he’s been storing up since kindergarten started four months ago, I took him and my almost-4-year-old daughter to a local indoor playground for a few hours this morning. It definitely helped the rest of the day go a little smoother; I wish we could do it every day!