Third Thursday Blog Hop: Imperfect Meals

It’s our monthly blog hop day where you get to glean from the insight of other moms who link up to talk about the topic of “no more perfect meals.”

I could write a book on this subject…oh wait! I already did!

Let me be honest. Cooking is my least favorite mothering responsibility. Because of that I sometimes procrastinate deciding what is for dinner!

My meals aren’t perfect but they are being perfected! I’m starting to use a monthly meal plan and trying to think about the next night’s meal the night before.

What about you? Got any “imperfect meal issues” at your house? Got any strategies to share?


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9 thoughts on “Third Thursday Blog Hop: Imperfect Meals

  1. Yes, I have imperfect meals all the time at my house, I am a single mom of two. My daughter is 15 and is a Vegitarian, and my Son is 5 and well he will eat anything or he gets sent to bed. (just kidding)
    I struggle with what to make for Kyra, she is tired of Salads, vegi burgers, and eggs. Any advice? I am not super creative , and I really don’t eat a lot of meat my self but I would be ok with cooking pure vegi meals if I had some ideas and spices to use.
    Help this Vegi mom. 🙂

  2. I always plan out a weeks worth of meals before I grocery shop. I buy what I need for those meals and then just pick from them throughout the week. Meals that freeze well I usually make a double batch of so I can freeze the other half. That way if I have a night where I’m just not feeling like cooking I can pull something out the freezer and have very little cooking to do!

  3. I love being in a supper swap. Sometimes the day of preparation and/or swapping are less than convenient but then I’m set for the week. My swap buddies are always very accomodating and it’s fun to have food made with someone else’s style of cooking. One of the gals went to Trisha Berg’s workshop at Hearts at Home several years ago and we’ve been doing this ever since!

  4. My crockpot has been my biggest dinner friend! (And my rice cooker). You can make large quantities and usually prep some of the stuff the night before..throw it in the crockpot in the morning and boom..dinner is ready when you want to eat:)

    This blog has been really helpful for recipe ideas ( and has lots of vegetarian meals too.

  5. I delved into advance meal prep ideas quite a bit a couple of years ago. I still have a ways to go, but one thing I’ve become a huge fan of is boiling ground beef in large quantities for use in other dishes. It sounds wierd, but once it’s boiled and frozen in 1 lb. packages, it is super quick and easy for all kinds of stuff – taco meat, casseroles, hamburger helper – anything you would use ground beef in. Here is a link to the site I think I got my instructions from. It’s a little lengthy, but very thorough.×952

    Another favorite good and quick meal idea is fajitas. I freeze the raw meat (cut up steak or chicken) in fajita marinade in ziplocs, then pull it out the night before (or even the morning of). As it thaws, it marinades and is ready to throw in a pan and cook it up in a few minutes time that night. If you have time, you can cut up fresh peppers and onions for sauteing, or you can throw a bag of frozen peppers/onions (Birdseye has a bag of these) in a pan and you’re done in minutes. Throw sour cream, salsa and tortillas on the table and say grace! My husband really likes this one!

  6. I’m usually a fairly good cook but my husband likes to bring up that time that I ruined pizza. Still have no idea what happened. It was years ago before we were married.

    Then there was that month where we had no income at all due to changing jobs, etc. So I had to make really cheap meals. Hot dog casserole (hot dogs, baked beans, corn bread) sounds okay….in theory.