Third Thursday Blog Hop: A true “mom guilt” story

After a two month hiatus, we’re picking back up with our Third Thursday Blog Hop! Today’s topic is “a true mom guilt” story.

We need to share our real stories so other moms know they’re not alone!

When I think of a mom guilt story, I think of one evening at our church’s playground.  I had three children at this time in my life.  I dropped off Anne and Evan at their children’s choir practice and Erica and I headed out to our car.  We had to walk right by the church playground so 3-year-old Erica wanted to play for a few minutes.

Another mom stopped by the playground to let her kids play so she and I struck up a conversation.  While I was distracted talking to this mom, I didn’t notice that Erica was sticking pea gravel up her nose.  (It fits perfectly in the nose, you know!)

By the time I realized what she was doing, it was too late.  A trip to the ER was required for them to remove the small rocks from way up in her nose.  Talk about mom guilt!

Ok, so there’s one of my mom guilt stories…what’s one of yours?


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7 thoughts on “Third Thursday Blog Hop: A true “mom guilt” story

  1. About a month ago our entire family was playing together. My husband decided to call an all out tickle attack on mommy! I darted out of the room to escape and yanked the door shut behind me as I ran. Unknown to me, our 4 year old son was hot on my tail and – yup – he got the flat side of the door right in his face! He had a straight red line down the left side of his face and a huge goose egg on his forehead that turned purple almost immediately. Talk about feeling like “worst mommy of the year”! LOL!

  2. I dropped a coconut on my daughter’s head. She was about 3 and her brother 5 years old, and they wanted to see what a “real” coconut looked like and tasted like inside. We were outside and I was trying to crack it by dropping it on the sidewalk. After a few tries it hasn’t cracked so I went up the steps of our deck, turned around to drop it from a little higher up…and dropped it right on her head. She’s 17 now and didn’t even remember it until I mentioned it a few weeks ago, so I guess it’s wasn’t a horrible memory–except to me!

  3. When my son and step-son were 5 they got caught jumping out the bedroom window so we talked about the dangers of doing this and moved the furniture around. Well when they were 6 they decided they needed to try again. At this point we were forever catching them jumping off something that they could get hurt on. I was painting in my living room one summer afternoon and the boys were playing in their room. My oldest son came in the house and casually said that the boys were jumping out of the window again and my step-son hurt his foot. Well, I was upset with the boys and they had done this so many times before I said well tell him to come in here and let me look at it. Talk about some serious guilt!!! The second I saw his foot I knew it was broke. I felt like the biggest meanie ever. And while this was going on my son was falling through the huge pine tree in the front yard. To this day we cannot leave those two alone and they are 15! 🙂

  4. I left a story last week (#4) about mom guilt. But as I pondered the question, I decided my story was more of funny story that I enjoy telling than a true exmple of guilt so I wrote a new post today.

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