Third Thursday Blog Hop: Are You Dreaming?

HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic-2Today is our Third Thursday Blog Hop where we pick a topic and invite other moms to share their heart.  Today’s topic is “Love Your Dreams/Goals.”

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I shared about my dashed dreams in this month’s issue and it really resonated with moms! I received so many Facebook messages and emails in response to that newsletter!  Since it seemed to really connect with so many moms, let me use it to introduce our topic today.

My dream after high school was to teach music. I graduated from college with a music education degree, but I got married after my freshman year of college and had two children by the time I graduated (baby #2 actually arrived on my graduation day—they mailed me my diploma! ).  While I taught piano and voice privately for 15 years, I never had my own classroom because I stayed at home with my kids and then God started this thing called Hearts at Home.

For many years, I felt like I had failed to meet my goal.  Believe it or not, however, I had never really talked to God about that. I had never dug into my sense of failure.  While I had externally adjusted my life to the doors God had opened, I had never done so internally.  So, several years ago I did that. I grieved what I did not have. I mourned my dream that wouldn’t be.  I lamented to God about “what isn’t” in my life. God was able to take it. He wasn’t surprised by it. By doing so, I was able to embrace “what is” and align my dreams to what God was doing in my life.  This was a fresh start like none other!

Maybe you’re living the dream you always had or maybe your life doesn’t look anything like you thought it would and you feel as if your dream is dashed.  Either way, you’re not alone. There are other moms who feel just like you do.

I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment and share your story.  Then take a few minutes to “hop” around to hear some other mom’s stories.

It’ll do your dreaming heart some good.


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12 thoughts on “Third Thursday Blog Hop: Are You Dreaming?

  1. One thing I love about becoming older is enjoying all of life. Dreams for the future propel us forward. We are able to look back and see God’s hand weaving our life together in a master-design. When His dream becomes our dream we find true peace and contentment. Knowing that God is good and life is good because of Him.

  2. I can so relate to this idea of a dream being dashed by life’s circumstances. I dreamed of earning a MSW degree to work as a Social Worker in some sort of health related field. I’ve always had a heart for helping people and been very interested in medicine so it seemed a natural fit for me. However, my husband is active duty Air Force which has involved lots and lots of moving around. I also had our first child sooner than we’d planned which derailed my graduate school. Further derailing school was a move to a city without a university and a second child. That coupled with deployments and long days for my husband made the degree seem very out of reach. Fast forward 13 more moves and about 18 years and I’m finally working on a master’s degree online. For now my degree plan will not allow me to be licensed so it will limit my job potential but once my husband retires I can always go back to school and finish the hours needed to become fully licensed. God willing, we will stay in one place long enough to grow some long roots which will give me the opportunity to begin my “career.” I’d almost let this dream I have die during the years that I was home with kids many times as a single parent while he was deployed but last year I determined to get started on something for me. I once had a very wise woman tell me that life was all about seasons and that while my children were little I should keep in mind that they wouldn’t always need so much of me and that I would be able to do some things that were just for me when I got to a new season of life. She was exactly right. I would just encourage anyone who thinks it might be too late to follow a dream, to hang on and not give up on it. Remember that seasons always change.

  3. The third of my four children has left the nest to attend his freshman year at a college far from home. I heard countless people comment to him that this would be the “best time if his life”. And each time, I would cringe. My philosophy, which I have shared with all if my children is that there is no “best time if your life”! It is all gift. It is all great! Life keeps unfolding new challenges and blessings.

  4. My life has done it’s own little thing, and at first I was confused. Recently, I realized that it truly does work according to God’s will. And in knowing this truth, life has gotten easier. I am not as critical of myself, and I am more appreciative of what is. Thanks for creating this space for moms! I’m looking forward to serving at this year’s conference!

  5. every dashed dream is an opportunity for a bigger play. When I was little I wanted to be Penny from Lost in Space…I never was an actress but I did become an Emmy Award winning TV Producer.

  6. Yes, I had a career but gave it up willingly to become a stay at home mom. For so long I struggled with my desire to be at home against the fact that I don’t have a passion or a true calling for any other vocation except for being a mom. Seems being a full time stay at home mom doesn’t get a lot of respect from the outside world as a “real” job. I run a house, a family unit, finances, (okay the list could go on forever) and I do it full time. It is my job and more importantly I know it is my calling. I have prayed and prayed over this and have come to the realization that my home is my ministry and vocation. And I love doing it!