Third Thursday Blog Hop: Organizational Ideas

The Hearts at Home Third Thursday Blog Hop exists to connect moms to other moms!  I love today’s topic of organization!  With the start of the new year, many of us are looking for tips & hints for organizing things around the home to make life easier.

I’ll share a couple of mine and then I’d love to hear about your ideas!  To find even more ideas, just click on the Mr. Linky links below to “hop” around to other blogs that are about the topic of organization today!  (If you subscribe to my blog by email, you’ll need to go to my blog site to see the links to the other blogs!  Click HERE to go to the site!)

To store hats, gloves, and scarves, I use a shoe organizer on the inside of our mudroom closet door.  It works great for keeping these organized!

To keep kitchen counter clutter at bay, I use an old picnic basket.  Inside I keep my bills to pay, coupons, and other papers that are often on my kitchen counter.  When it’s closed, it gives an organized look!

By the way, if you are looking for organizing inspiration, check out the Hearts at Home book, The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized, by Karen Ehman. It’s a fabulous resource for every mom!


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11 thoughts on “Third Thursday Blog Hop: Organizational Ideas

  1. Love the picnic basket idea….as I never have enough drawers in my kitchen! I wonder if you made it look a little more organized inside before snapping the picture though.
    Thanks for the ideas. I can’t wait to read others people’s organizational thoughts as this is not my strongpoint.

  2. I also use a shoe organizer for hats, gloves, etc… it works very well, I Love it. 🙂
    I have a basket for papers that I havent filed yet, but I like the idea of the picnic basket with a lid for bills, coupons, etc…

    A couple of other things I do:
    a small plastic lazy susan in my cupboard for spices.
    a variety of baskets for bathroom stuff in the bathroom cupboard, and drawer. For example in the drawer, theres one for toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, etc… another basket holds brushes, hair ties, etc.. and I have one with my makeup in it, then one for misc. (nail clippers, etc…)
    In the cupboard, I have deeper baskets, one for my perfume, mousse, etc… one with lotions, one for my daughters hair products and stuff, one for medicines, etc… you get the idea
    I have also started using 3 ring binders to organize paper clutter. I have a file cabinet for some things, but I am now using a 3 ring binder to organize andkeep track of bills, a binder for recipes I use and love, and another for recipes to try, and Im in the process of making a homeschool binder, one for ebooks that Ive printed, and one for Christmas including Christmas card list, favorite recipes, gift ideas, etc..

    Im also an avid reader and have tons of books. I have several book shelves, and try to organize by topic and in alphabetical order by author. My next step is to create a list of books I own so I dont forget it have it and buy it again (sad to say thats happened), and if I loan it to someone, keep track of that too.

    A magazine holder works well on the kitchen counter for phone books/church directory
    Amy Knapps Big Grid Family Organizer on our fridge to organize everyones activities/schedule
    I homeschool my youngest, and have a wardrobe type cupboard that has 3 shelves, with doors on it that we use to store all homeschool books and supplies. 🙂

  3. You know how when you buy a new sheets and it comes in that cute little bag made out of the same material. I use that bag to carry my shoes back and forth to work. This way my shoes dont get everything else dirty in my work bag! It is the perfect size!

  4. We just recently started using a shoe organizer for winter gear. I didnt want to do it because its right in our kitchen…but it is perfect. The kids (3 5) put their gear there and can easily find it again. Looking forward to keeping googles, flip flops, sunscreen, and bug spray there in the summer!

  5. Oh, I love your idea for hats and gloves. With five kids coming in and out of the snow all day, I am constantly scouring the house for a missing mitten or two. Great idea. Thanks for the tip.

  6. I love to organize!!! My mom is a chronic organizer and I believe that I’ve “inherited” this gene as well:) Great ideas!!

  7. I love to use clothespins. They are cheap, but still look stylish when used in non-traditional ways. I often clip things together that are already supposed to be organized inside of a basket or other container, but for some reason I even make a mess of my baskets! The clothespins help corral everything into a proper place though.

  8. I linked up my recent post about how we took an extra closet in my sons room, and, turned it into a built in study/office area for him. SO MUCH clutter was reduced (not to mention a whole huge table) from the main room by doing this – and has given him so much extra play area! It was easy, cheap & I love that I don’t have to see all that clutter anymore.

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