Third Thursday Blog Hop

Today is our Third Thursday Blog Hop!  It’s a day where we can learn from each other by “hopping” around to different mom blogs to see how other families make life happen.

Today’s question is “How do you connect as a family?” With schedules picking up in the fall, how do you stay close?

For the Savage family, dinner around the kitchen table is a huge priority.  We try to sit down, enjoy a meal, and share about our day nearly every night.  We turn off the tv, ban cell phones, turn the lights off in the rest of the house, and make where we are in the dining room the focus of what we’re doing.

Another way our family has been connecting is with a regular conference call. With three married children living in different parts of the country, it’s hard to keep us all connected. I schedule a date everyone can connect and go to and secure a call-in code.  Everyone, including spouses, calls in at the appointed time and we have a 10-way conference call to connect with one another. It’s been a nice way to have one conversation to communicate what’s going on in our lives instead of trying to connect individually with everyone and share the same thing.

So what about you?  How does your family stay connected?


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7 thoughts on “Third Thursday Blog Hop

  1. I hope one day that eating at the table as a family gets a little easier. With two little ones who have short attention spans, and a husband who’s schedule is never the same- it’s tough! 🙂 But definitely on my list of priorities to make- one day.

    • Hang in there, Julie! Even 10 minutes around the table is a help…and with a hubby with an erratic schedule, you may have to be flexible on time. Mark’s work schedule is somewhat erratic. Some nights we sit down at 5:30 and other nights its 6:30 or 6:45!

  2. I absolutely love the conference call idea, Jill!! And I’m sure it’s great for everyone, especially for you to get your eyes on those sweet grands!!

  3. I am having a hard time feeling connected as a family lately. My husband was forced to change jobs in the spring and his new job is 45+min away from home. He is gone 9am-8pm all during the week. He barely gets to see the kids for a little while before bedtime. We’re still adjusting to this new schedule. We’re going to have to get creative to make the most of our time together!

    • I’m sure you’ll find some new routines that will work for your family! Don’t give up, Wani!

  4. Sitting around the table is a big one for us too. Of course, my 2 1/2-year-old son doesn’t always agree! 🙂 But it’s good to catch up after my husband has been at work and now my girl has been at school.

    I love the conference call idea! That would be great for us to do with my siblings. Thanks for the tip!

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