Third Thursday Blog Hop:Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s time for the Third Thursday Blog Hop!  It’s a day where we can learn from other moms!  Today’s topic is: What’s most important to your family when you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Do you have favorite recipes? Traditions? Family activities?

Our family has a favorite food at Thanksgiving: Persimmon Pudding!  Persimmons are a fruit grown on trees in the Midwest.  As a kid, our family used to pick persimmons at a place near Bloomington, Indiana.  Then we prepared the persimmon puree from the persimmons we picked and eventually made persimmon pudding.  Mmmmm…

We also enjoy yeast rolls from the Beef House in Covington, Indiana.  They are sooooo good!  We buy them frozen and cook them on Thanksgiving Day.

We usually play games and eat and watch movies and eat some more.  It’s a great day of rest, relaxation, and family time!

So what’s important to your family on Thanksgiving? Share a comment below (if you’re reading this in email format, click here to leave a comment) and then “hop” around and read other moms’ ideas, recipes, and traditions!


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