We worship while we wait.

I’m in Colorado preparing for the Hearts at Home conference this coming weekend.  Rather than staying in a hotel, I get to stay with my friend Tammy Maltby.

Tammy was telling me a story last night about a difficult situation she faced where she did what she could but inevitably had to watch someone she loved make some poor choices for their life.  When she asked her husband Jerry, “What do we do now?” he answered with great wisdom, “We worship while we wait.”

What a profound statement.

What are you facing that you can’t do anything more about?  Will you worship while you wait?


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26 Responses to We worship while we wait.

  1. Tristi says:

    What a great reminder. Thanks!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am faced with a similar situation with my brother. He insists on making choices that are detrimental to his life. He also is very anti-religion. I continue to pray for God’s grace to touch him in some way to open his eyes to all the wonderful things God has planned for him. At this point, all I can do is worship and pray, while I wait. It is not in my hands, but the Lord’s and I know that he will not fail.

  3. Cindy Cummings says:

    My theme song is John Waller’s “While I’m Waiting” and it says just that. I’ve been single since my husband left me and my two children when they were quite small; they are 18 and 16 now and I am praying that God will bring a Godly man into my life. I will worship will I wait.

  4. I needed to hear these words!!! I have a very difficult situation w/my daughter as well….it is sooooo hard to not be able to swoop in and make everything ok again.
    I am praying and believing for God to move and I know He will!!! HE is FAITHFUL!!!
    Have a beautiful day, Jill…and Tammy! xoxox

  5. Diane says:

    I have a granddaughter who is 18, not married and is 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. The baby’s back has not completely formed and may have spina bifida … we are worshiping while we wait and praying for God’s healing for the baby.

  6. Wendy says:

    I am waiting on the Lord to heal my feet from one of the most severe cases the podiatrists have seen. Dealing with pain, limited time on my feet, and heartache over lost opportunities that require too much standing or walking, I have learned to worship while waiting. And to trust God more than I’ve ever done in my life. 🙂

  7. Holly Murphy says:

    lotta kids, lotta situations, but I must say that I wish I had spent more time in prayer when my older children were little…Always wanted to fix things. When they are older, that is not always possible. In Gods time is hard, but not as hard as forever…

  8. Heidi White says:

    I read this on Tammy’s facebook status yesterday and it struck me powerfully. To wait out of necessity is a good thing, to wait patiently is better, and to wait in an intentional atmosphere of worship and thankfulness is something else entirely – a gift of precious divinity. I am praying for Hearts at Home this weekend ( I live in Colorado Springs and was blessed to be a guest in Tammy’s home a few weeks ago!) I will not be there (because my sweet sick family requires my actual body at home :), but I am praying for all the lovely women, including the leadership, who will be dazzled by grace this weekend. God bless you!

    • JillSavage says:

      Thank you, Heidi. And thank you for giving additional definition to Jerry’s statement. I love what you said, “…to wait in an intentional atmosphere of worship and thankfulness is something else entirely.” Love that!

  9. Barb Wall says:

    Dear Jill, I am praying while I wait–I am so sad–my daughter is pregnant with her second daughter–they may have to put her on bed-rest–my sister has now gotten custody of her first daughter–This is such a sad situation. My husband died almost 8 years ago and Natalie has been a lost soul since then–making such bad mistakes.I am so torn as her mother but I know Simone is where she needs to be right now. Please,if you have time could you put them on your prayer list? I am going on an ACTS retreat this weekend–I believe God had that planned for me–I so need it. Blessings and many thanks, Barb Wall

  10. Jennifer J. says:

    I so needed to hear those words today. Thank you for sharing them! My husband and I recently got custody of our nephew, and the transition has been very difficult.

  11. Beth says:

    Thank you for these beautiful words of wisdom
    I am dealing with a very difficult and heart wrenching situation with my young niece. Her father has not allowed our family to see her or talk to her for 4 months. Her mother died last summer and after a long custody battle, he won and took her out of state. Why do people have to be so selfish? The ways of this world are truly disturbing. We pray daily for his heart, mind and soul to be touched by the Lord.

  12. Audra Lehnert says:

    Hi there, just wondering if you can send your blog posts in their entirety via email rather then just a teaser? It is irritating to have to click the link to go to this website to read the rest of the blog post. I really enjoy your posts and read them almost daily…but the extra click is starting change my mind.

  13. viviene says:

    It is always encouraging to visit your blog. I’m always blessed.

    Thanks for the reminder to “worship while we wait”. =)

  14. Dana Klinkner says:

    Wow, thank you for posting this today. I was just about to crawl in bed for the night but felt God prompt me to check your blog and here is this post. Tears are rolling down my cheeks right now because it is exactly what I needed to hear. My 3 year old son is going to be having his third spinal surgery the Monday after Thanksgiving. We have to do this surgery or he will not be able to continue walking. It is a complicated surgery and recovery that will take months to get through. He has no idea he is about to go through yet another surgery and my heart feels like it’s going to rip out of my chest sometimes when I think about it because I would do anything for it to be me and not him. But I can’t do anything about it. I can’t change the situation. I’ve prayed and hoped and prayed for years and all I can do is keep praying. I have to wait and I have to trust that God loves my son even more than I do and that His plans for him are good. I am going to take Tammy’s story and worship while I wait. I can’t think of a better thing to do than to praise the God who gave me my son and who knit him together and who knows the number of hairs on his head – He is worthy of my praise! Thank you, thank you for this post.

    • JillSavage says:

      Dana, I’m so glad this was helpful. I am putting your son’s surgery date on my calendar. I will be praying for him…but I more than anything I will be praying for you between now and then.

      • Dana Klinkner says:

        Thanks for praying, Jill. Knowing that people are praying for our son means more than words can say. We have a caring bridge website where we post regular updates on him and will especially be posting daily as we go through his surgery & recovery. Here it is: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/josiahklinkner The more people praying, the better! And thank you for praying for me also, I can use the extra prayers as well. 🙂
        Dana K.

  15. Dana Klinkner says:

    Oops, my husbands account picture popped up on my post above – I forgot to log into my account. I should have put my name at the end because my name is Dana, his is Shawn. Sorry about that! 🙂
    Dana K.

  16. Julie says:

    I’m in my 2nd year of a 3 year master’s program. Just found out that “rule changes” out of my control may force the program to be 4 years instead of 3. Worshiping while I wait for a meeting on Tuesday to find out the details.