What’s Your Story?

HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic-2This year our Hearts at Home theme is “Love Your Life!”  The subtitle of the No More Perfect Moms book is “Learn to Love Your Real Life” so we decided to take that phrase and dig into a little more in 2014.

So far in 2014, we’ve explored Love Your Dreams, Love Your Struggles, Love Your Now, Love Your Feelings, and in the month of May we are looking at Love Your Story!  I first wrote about this in our May Hearts On-The-Go eNewsletterconnectyourself

Today is our Third Thursday Blog Hop where other moms share their thoughts, insights, and encouragement.  (If you receive my blog by email, you can find the linked blogs here.)

I weave my story into my books and my blog posts, so you may know parts of my story if you’ve read any of my books or have been hanging out with me in the bloggy world for very long. If you don’t know my story, I share it on the My Story page of my website. I also share Our Adoption Story on my website.

We all have a story…I’d love to hear yours!


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