What’s your favorite MOMent of the day?

The 2012 Hearts at Home conference theme is “In The Moment.” It’s a reminder to notice, embrace, and capture the everyday moments that make up the motherhood journey.

I love dinnertime.  It’s one of my favorite MOMents of the day because the family is gathered, talking, laughing, and connecting.

When my kids were little, my favorite MOMents were bedtime MOMents.  Stories, backrubs, and prayers.

What about you?  What’s your favorite MOMent of the day?


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10 thoughts on “What’s your favorite MOMent of the day?

  1. When they run back and kiss me for the 3rd time before they get on the bus. What a way to start MY day!

  2. I love bedtime too. For the same reasons. I also love the times when my kids yell, “MOOOMM!” and I yell back in a slightly irritate voice since this is the third time of being summoned in 2 minutes. And they answer, “I love you.”

  3. Tucking my precious 3 year old twin boys in at night and reading a bedtime story to them.

  4. Our daughter will graduate from high school in just a few weeks, and go to college in the fall. Our son is already in college, so that means I’m facing the “empty nest.” I’ve been very aware that my MOMents with Morgan are coming to an end–or at least having her around every day to have MOMents will end soon.

    My favorite MOMents are the little things that just happen…”one more hug” before she leaves for school…joking around about “girl things”…giving her a kiss in the middle of the night when she’s sleeping…talking about serious things, as adults…helping her curl the back of her hair…watching TV with her. I’ve had MOMents when Cody comes home from college, too–he sits at the counter and talks to me as I cook and clean the kitchen (which I draw out as long as possible so we have more time to talk).

    I’ve been home with my kids for the most part since they were born. Long ago one of our MOPS mentors said, “The days may seem long but the years will go fast.” I took that to heart and tried to enjoy every day, every MOMent with my kids…and for the most part I did.

    God has blessed us with wonderful children and I am thankful beyond what I can express, for the MOMents and every moment with them.

  5. My favorite moment is when I get home from work at the end of the day. My two girls (7 and 3) always come running and screaming “Mama’s home! Mama’s home!” I try to treasure this moment because I know in the blink of an eye they will be teenagers and will be trying to act like they don’t care that I came home.

  6. My daugher is in college and my son is now 14.

    My MOMENTS have changed…..I enjoy when my daughter will call me and say, “Mom can I take you to lunch?” (then will need $10 the next day – but oh well..ha ha ha) Or when she will take a picture of herself in an outfit she is considering and say “Is this appropriate”

    With my son he now reminds me his hands are bigger than mine that he is taller than me – and then he will still give me a hug and say just as he did when he was smaller “I love your smell mom.” A favorite MOMENT was when two weeks ago I was able to pray with him as he asked Jesus into his heart and life. Wow.

  7. On the days that I work outside our home (Wed.-Fri.), my favorite MOMent is when I pick up my 18-month-old from daycare. When he realizes I’ve arrived, his face lights up, and he runs to me! Other days, it’s bath time. He has so much fun in the bath tub, and he loves to make my husband and me laugh by putting bubbles on his face. I recently wrote about a not-so-cute MOMent on my blog, Happily Ever Hanna…http://happilyeverhanna.blogspot.com/2012/03/todays-moment.html.

  8. There are so many!! My little Lucas is 18 months old and I love it when he just randomly comes barreling in for a hug and kiss! It’s also just a very special time where he is literally discovering something(s) new every day! It’s exciting to see what that brings! Yesterday it was that he said hat and made the sound for a horsie:). I have the best job in the world! Thank you Jesus for giving me this beautiful responsibility!

  9. I would have to say bedtime since my kids a young. My 9yr old recently has desired me to sing him to sleep (he stopped wanting that at age 5 so it has been a welcomed part to the routine) and I love my 2 year old wants lots of kisses and hugs.

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