Will you pray for our military today?

Our son-in-law Kendall was able to be home for two weeks over the holidays.  We loved having him home and, of course, Erica was in heaven. 

While Erica went alone to pick up Kendall, she wasn’t looking forward to the 5 hour drive alone after dropping him off at the end of the two weeks.  Mark and I asked Erica and Kendall if we could make a long, “field trip,” taking Kendall back to Ft. Knox, KY and exploring the area.  They were open to the idea so all 6 of us headed south a day earlier than Kendall had to be back.  We explored the Patton Museum and Mammoth Cave together and had a great little weekend getaway. 

Being in a military town and seeing a bit of Kendall’s world really helped me to see the importance of praying for our military. 

Will you join me today?  After reading this, will you pause and pray for those who are serving our country? 


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8 thoughts on “Will you pray for our military today?

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. And for reminding us all to keep praying for our military.

  2. I pray for our military often and did so just now as well. I was overcome with emotion for those serving and their families. What a sacrifice they all, those in the military and their families, make for our freedom and safety that is so often taken for granted. I always said I wouldn't even date a man who wanted to be in the military as I'm not strong enough to endure being a military man's wife. 🙂 However, I know that when we are weak, He is strong, and He gives us the strength to keep going. Thank you to your son-in-law and daughter for their service to our country!

  3. Lord Father – Many of our sons and daughters are in the military, serving away from their homes and family. Provide them with Your presence…
    There are many, many moms whose husbands serve our country as they care for their children away from the support of their family, church and friends – Provide them with Your presence…
    Remind each of us, to lift these families before Your throne, to pray for Godly examples to walk along side each man, husband, father and woman, wife, and mom. Reveal to us how we can support the work of our military.
    Thank you for Your protection and care for each of us. For Your Glory…Amen

  4. Thank you for sharing this post with us and for reminding us to pray for our military and their families. I am in awe of the sacrifice that they make for us. They must have an amazing amount of strength and courage to endure all that they must in order to defend our freedom. Dear Lord, please help them and protect them. Your love and guidance are needed to show them the way during this difficult time. Thank you for taking care of them and please bring them home safely and quickly. Amen.

  5. I am an Army wife. My husband has been deployed three times and is currently in Iraq. We have spent more time away from each other than with one another in the past 4 years. My sons barely know their daddy! It is sad! Thank you for reminding people we are still at war! Please pray for our soldiers and also for all the families back home! The wives/spouses and children left behind are hurting and growing tired and weary! This is a tough life!

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