Winners, My Cancer Update, and How Can I Pray for You?

On Monday, I sent out an update on my cancer journey.  However, it wasn’t titled that in the email delivery because two posts accidentally went out instead of one.  If you missed the post titled A New Normal: Life After Cancer, just click on the title here and it will take you to it!

I’ve also done two giveaways in the past two weeks and haven’t yet announced the winners!

Seek-coverIn the 5 Easy Steps to Reading the Bible giveaway, the winner of the Seek book is Kalli–newbiemama09.  Congrats Kalli!  I’ll send you an email to get your mailing info.  If you were interested in the book Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God, you can pick up a copy online or at your local Christian bookstore.

In the 11 Ways To Celebrate Dad giveaway, the winner of the Everyday Confetti: Your Year-Round Guide to Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions
book is Elizabeth–The.Pruitts.  Congrats Elizabeth!

If you didn’t have a chance to read yesterday’s post: He’s Not Very Lovable Right Now, over on the P31 site, you can hop over and enter to win one of the 10 copies of No More Perfect Kids: Love Your Kids for Who They Are
they are giving away!

One last thing….I’m setting aside the next two weeks to pray for my blog world friends.  If there is anyway I can pray for you, please let me know!

Have a great Wednesday!


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11 thoughts on “Winners, My Cancer Update, and How Can I Pray for You?

  1. My husband and I are going through a difficult time right now and would appreciate any prayers for guidance and wisdom. Thanks!

  2. My family has recently made the decision to have our 8 year old foster daughter moved to a new placement. She has lived with us for a little over 4 months. She has Oppositional Defiance Disorder and strong sociopathic tendencies. We have done our best to love and care for her…even when the agency has failed time and time again to meet her needs. She has recently began to focus her anger and animosity on our 7 year old biological daughter. We have been concerned for her safety, which is why, after praying and seeking, we are having her moved. Thankfully, we do feel a peace about this decision. Would you please pray for our foster daughter? We love her and care for her very much. We ask for prayer that the seeds God planted in her while she was in our care would take root in her, that God would finish the good work He started in her, that He would have His hand in the choosing of the new home for her, and most of all, against the enemies plans to destroy this child. Please pray for victory in Jesus over the ODD and sociopathic tendencies…and the lie that her caseworker tells that she will never get better. Please also pray for our tender-hearted biological daughter. She loves our foster daughter so very much…even when she is cruel and mean to her. Please pray for her to transition well and grieve well. Thank you for praying for us. We love you, Jill, and pray for you often, too!

    • Casey, I’m sure this was a heart-wrenching decision. I’m so glad that you have a peace about it. I will pray for both of your girls.

  3. Thank you for your authenticity, Jill. What an encouragement you are. I pray your “New Normal” is exceeding abundantly better than we can think or imagine…
    Our family would greatly appreciate your prayers for several things. I won’t go into detail, but healing is desired – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Additionally, wisdom is needed for some serious decisions.
    Thank you again, Jill, for caring about this “blogger family”.

  4. I would like prayers that I continue to believe God thru such trying times with my health, finances, marital issues because so much is going on at one time and it feels lonely because even my spouse seems to not care (or be disconnected).

  5. Jill, I ask 2 things. The first for a dear friend. Her niece is in high school and had earned a scholarship to a high school where she lived there. The girls there were very mean to her and her boyfriend wasn’t a good match, and while there she developed an eating disorder. This was over a year ago. This past Wednesday she took 30 Tylenol in an attempted suicide. She needs clarity and direction and most of all, God!

    Also, for my family. We have been without full time employment for 4 years. My husband had an interview, but no offer. He has an interview with another school this Thursday. If he were to be offered the job it would require a move. He’s applied to several schools in our area and has heard from none! 🙁 I had an interview two weeks ago, but I have yet to hear back. I’ve also applied at several schools and haven’t heard anything back. It’s very frustrating! I know that having taken 7 years “off” to be home with my kids is a factor. I pray that if we are to move that God would help make everything fall into place and make it clear to us. Thanks Jill! You are such an amazing Blessing! 🙂