Random Stuff

Happy Monday!

I’ve got some random things on my mind today:

1) I am LOVING my exercise class! Honestly I can’t believe I’m saying that…it’s at 5:15 in the morning! Yesterday, I helped Mark hang gutters on our house and I could actually tell the difference in my strength as I held the gutters in place with my arms up over my head for minutes on end. I still have some $25 off coupons for anyone in Bloomington-Normal, IL who is interested in joining me at My Lean Body Bootcamp! Just email me or Facebook me!

2) Erica and Marie are all moved in now.  Kendall returned to Texas yesterday and heads to Afghanistan in a little over a week.  I loved rocking Marie to sleep last night.  Things look a little different at my house these days! Baby paraphernalia is everywhere!

3) I had all my kids home from about 8pm Thursday night to about the same time Friday night. It was short, but sweet.  They all came home to send Kendall off to his deployment.  We took family pics while we were all together. Can’t wait to share them with you!

4) I’m speaking twice this week. Tonight I’m in Jacksonville, IL and Thursday I’m in Monticello, IL.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll be in Effingham, IL. I’d love for you to join me if you live nearby any of these places!  You can find info here!

5) True No More Perfect Mom story: Friday evening someone asked if Austin had to pay for his own oil changes now that he is driving.  I said, “No, our kids don’t pay for maintenance unless they have their own car, but they do have to pay for their own insurance.” Then I stopped cold.  “Insurance. Oh. My. Goodness. We never put Austin on our insurance when he got his license 4 weeks ago!”  Seriously!  I returned to driving him everywhere this weekend because of our blunder!

Don’t worry, Austin, I called first thing today so you’re covered now!

What about you? Any No More Perfect Mom stories that happened this weekend you could share?  Any news in your world? 


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13 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. I am on cloud nine this morning! My husband and I attended a retreat this weekend at our church called Living in Love and WOW! it was just the uplifting thing we needed. It really brought us back to why we are married and gave us a new and fresh perspective on why all married couples owe it to themselves, their kids, grandkids, and community to live out the vocation of marriage. The last time I felt this great was after the Hearts at Home conference, everyone needs a pick-me-up from time to time. I hope you have great attendance at your conferences this week!

  2. Jill, how are you getting yourself up so early? I would like to be able to exercise daily, and a morning workout is probably the best time because of my schedule, but getting out of a warm bed in the dark is not something I do well!

    • You know, I am NOT a morning person at all! Here’s what I think is making it work: 1) I am paying for the class, 2) They are expecting me, 3) I have a friend that I am doing the class with. Either she is picking me up or I am picking her up so someone is depending on me. 4) I’m going to bed earlier. Usually between 9 and 9:30. I think the combination of those four things are helping. The first week I was so tired and I went back to bed after my boys went to school. This is the beginning of my fourth week and I’m not doing that anymore. I’m actually enjoying my mornings.

  3. Sunday we were struggling to get out the door for church (again, after missing several back to back weeks) and my oldest (7) decided he wanted to wear his cowboy boots. I told him to run & change quick – he did. When we were in the middle of the sermon I looked down & he had taken his shoes off (not uncommon)….there he sat, barefoot! Apparently I should have clarified yes to the boots, but with socks too! Several people around noticed…they probably thought what terrible parents we were for letting our son leave the house with no socks in October! ha!

  4. A couple of weeks ago on Monday, I was working on an assignment when my cell phone rang. I recognized it as the middle school my twins attend. When I saw the number, all I could think of was, “Well, that’s probably Jesse or Isaac calling to tell me they need even more money for something else!” The school is bombarding us with different fees, and quite frankly, I’m getting tired of it. So, I ignored the call. I went to the other room for something, and when I came back, the phone was ringing again. It was the school nurse. Jesse had an accident. His nose had been bleeding, and he had a huge knot on his head after running into another kid. He passed out, but he was okay. By the time she said the last sentence, I was up and almost ready to leave.
    Mother of the Year Award…NOT!
    I drove to the school as fast as the speed limit would allow and may have pushed it a little. When I got to the school, I just ran inside, and told the receptionist my kid was in the nurse’s office. She asked for my ID, and all I could think was, “REALLY?” I asked if she really needed it, and she said yes. So, my baby was in the nurse’s office on the other side of that glass, and I had to run back out and get my ID.
    By the time I finally saw him, I couldn’t believe the knot on his forehead. Another student who outweighed him by at least 50 pounds and had about 6 inches on him collided with him in PE that day, and Jesse went down on the floor face first. His nose was bloodied and bruised, he had a cut on the inside of his lip, and then his mother didn’t answer the phone!
    I apologized over and over again on the way to the ER. He was so forgiving, and it didn’t really phase him at all. Praise God that he didn’t have a concussion! Maybe I needed to be reminded that I need to answer my phone if it’s from a school number, whether it’s about money or not. I don’t know, but I’m grateful that he was okay.

    • Christy, we’ve all done something like that! When Anne was 12 she kept saying her stomach hurt. She was a drama queen so I kept telling her it would stop. After several hours I decided to take her to the ER (it was late at night). Her appendix was on the edge of bursting. She was in surgery within hours. Mother of the year…NOT!

      • Yep, we’ve done that, too. My 9 year old is a drama queen and had behavioral enuresis (just never felt the need to get to the bathroom to pee – thank you, foster care system.) She complained of a stomach ache and didn’t want to go to school for a few days and I finally took her (in full-mommy-tantrum style…) to the ER, where we discovered she had a kidney infection. Oh, the guilt!

  5. This morning I left the house, walked my older kids to school, my youngest to her preschool, and attended a treatment team meeting for one of my girls… and discovered after all of it that I’d done it all sans bra. Lovely. (Or not, actually…)

  6. No more perfect mom…this summer my 1st grader went to cheer camp. On the first day of camp, I realized I missed the memo. Every little girl had cute little ribbons in her hair, hair in ponytails, etc. My little girl looked shaggy next to every one else, with absolutely nothing to adorn her locks! Oh well!