Talking…praying…and crying

Marriage-MondayIt was a hard weekend at the Savage household.  Initially Mark and I enjoyed a wonderful Friday and Saturday encouraging a group of women in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. What a wonderful group of ladies!

On the way home, however, life got hard.  I’ve shared before about our son’s struggle with mental illness. I’ve shared that with his permission.  Sometimes he’s up and sometimes he’s down.  It’s a roller-coaster ride for sure.

This weekend he spiraled to a new low.

And it’s hard.

Mark and I had to make some hard decisions in order to protect ourselves, our home, and the other members of our family.

We talked, talked, talked, prayed, talked, prayed, prayed, prayed, talked, cried, prayed, and prayed some more.

But we did it together.

We listened to each other. Disagreed at times. But worked together to come out with one voice.

Life is hard.

What are you navigating together as a couple?  Keep talking, praying, and crying when needed.  Cling to each other and cling to God.  God sees your heartache. His strength will carry you.  And his hope will move you forward.


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5 thoughts on “Talking…praying…and crying

  1. Jill–lifting you and your family in prayer. May God give you words to speak during this especially difficult time. And grace, much grace!

  2. Lifting Kolya, you and your family before the throne of God. Only a mother who has a child with mental illness knows the depths of your sorrow – I will be standing in the gap for you. It is so hard, but you are not alone.