We live life better when we live life together. Openly authentic. Incredibly transparent. Masks removed.

God often does His best work through the cracks in our lives. We’ve certainly experienced that.

That’s why Mark and I hang out here in the blog world with our Marriage Monday posts. That’s the heart of our authenticity when we speak. That’s what drives us when we write.

I’m glad you’ve dropped by for a visit. Poke around a bit and stay a while! There are all kinds of goodies to be found on the topics of marriage, parenting, living with less, faith, and self-care (especially for moms who often put themselves last)!

I’m a breast cancer survivor–if you or someone you love is walking that road, you’ll find hope and help here.

I also LOVE to encourage beginning speakers who often tap into my Inspire Speaker Course or my speaker coaching.

Lead a moms group or a small group of couples? You might like to know that our No More Perfect Moms, No More Perfect Kids, No More Perfect Marriages, and Better Together books all come with FREE video curriculum that can be accessed in Right Now Media or over on our No More Perfect and Better Together websites!

I also LOVE to provide focused help with these FREE eChallenges:

  • Looking for parenting encouragement? You might like the No More Perfect Kids eChallenge.
  • Need help breaking up with perfect? You might find the No More Perfect Moms eChallenge helpful.
  • Longing for friendship? Sign up for our 7 Days To Better Friendships eChallenge.
  • Want to move the needle on your marriage? Sign up for the No More Perfect Marriages eChallenge.With the release of our No More Perfect Marriages book in 2017, we’ve got some great resources and opportunities to keep your marriage headed in the right direction:

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I’m your biggest cheerleader! Say hello and introduce yourself in the comments. I look forward to meeting you! 


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2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Jill! I’m Jenna, a new mom to a sweet 4 month boy, Evan. I found your book, Real Moms, Real Jesus one teary night while I held my son all night long while he slept. I was searching for scriptures and relief from the mess of emotions I was feeling. I ordered it immediately and devoured it. I can’t tell you how many times I cried reading your book. Thank you for sharing those truths about motherhood and Jesus’ life. Thank you for helping me realize we all have a friend who understands. It was beautifully written and I will recommend it to every mother I know. It will always have a special place on my book shelf because I’m sure I will need those reminders again!

    • Hi Jenna! So glad you found me here and so glad you found Real Moms…Real Jesus! It’s one of my very favorite books!