Eleven Ways To Celebrate Dad

466884539Father’s Day is just days away and sometimes the best gifts you can give Dad don’t cost a dime.

Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer are two celebration queens in my life. They inspire me to be creative (or better yet, they equip me to be creative!) and have written the book Everyday Confetti, a year-round guide for celebrating holidays and special occasions.

Take time this week to pamper the men in your life and show just how much you appreciate all they do for you, and remember this is a great time to celebrate both fathers and all the paternal role models in your life.  These Father’s Day ideas are excepted from Everyday Confetti:

No chore week.  Declare a no-chore week leading up to or surrounding Father’s Day. Everyone else mows the lawn, takes out the trash, or changes the light bulbs.  Give Dad the time off to do whatever he wants to do.  He might enjoy a free day to go bowling or simply relax in a hammock with a glass of iced tea.

Fill Dad’s love tank.  Tell Dad why you respect and appreciate him.  Write your reasons on index cards, and in everyone’s own handwriting.  Then let Dad keep the cards with him to read when he need some encouragement.

Watch a sporting event Dad likes.  Put down books, phones, or video games and actually watch the game with him.  Just making the effort to learn about what he likes will make him feel loved.

Ask Dad about his work.  Learn as much as you can about what he does so you can have more conversations in the coming weeks.

Video love notes.  Make videos for Dad on your cell phone.  Keep them short, but allow each child to say a message for Dad.  Create your own message, telling your husband what a great father he is.  Send them as text messages the next week, spreading them out to keep the love going.

I love you because….  Give a child some paper and coloring utensils and ask the questions:  Why do you love Daddy?  Allow the child to draw or write their answers down. Tuck them in an envelope for Dad to open as a surprise.

Dad’s choice.  As a family, rent and watch a movie but let Dad do the picking.  And let Dad choose a snack to munch while watching.

Wherever he wants to go.  Take an outing to a place Dad chooses.  Perhaps it is a ball game or museum.  Then stop at a park for a family picnic or swing by an ice cream shop for a big scoop of Dad’s favorite.

Acronym of adoration.  Have the kids write out Dad’s full name across the top of a piece of posterboard.  Then think of a word that describes Dad for each letter of his name and list it down from the letter on the board.  For example: P A U L might be “Patient. Awesome. Unstoppable. Loving.”

9780800722012_mediumIt’s a party!  Invite some other families over for a game of flag football or Frisbee.  Serve subs, chips, and watermelon along with some lemonade.  For dessert, set up your own county fair pie-tasting competition.  Let the dads in attendance serve as judges and award the blue ribbon rosette.

All about Dad.  Make Dad his favorite foods all day.  If he likes pizza for breakfast then let him have pizza for breakfast.  This day is all about Dad, so make sure meals are his favorites.

Would you like a chance to win a copy of Everyday Confetti?  Just leave a comment sharing what you love about your Dad or sharing a creative way to celebrate Father’s Day before Friday, June 13 at noon CST and you’ll be entered to win! 


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32 thoughts on “Eleven Ways To Celebrate Dad

  1. I love my dad because he loved me and my mom enough to marry her and raise me. My biological father and his family wanted nothing to do with me, but… my dad loves. Because of this I have a younger sister and a younger brother. Together, we are His family.

  2. My father is gone now but what I love about my father is that he modeled such love for me that when I came to love the Lord it was easy to understand and accept the love of my heavenly Father and trust in it.

  3. Planning a “dad’s day” for my hubby and sons – golf in the a.m., sack lunch, and then on to fishing in the afternoon. All about them!

  4. Oh boy! I could really use some help in being creative in celebrating life! Just ask my kids. A birthday cake and homemade card are about it for me.

  5. My dad is my hero even though I am forty years old. I admire his heart and his willingness to try to make my those around him happy no matter the cost. I am proud that he served our country in Vietnam and that he now serves in his church.

  6. The best thing I can do for my hubby is NOT cut the grass!!! He hates when I do it because he says I don’t cut straight lines and I miss areas!!!! LOL!!!!

  7. My dad has always been there for me. More than my mom, actually. He also listens to me, always tells me he loves me, and even if he doesn’t agree with my choices or decisions, he supports them. And my husband is an awesome dad too.

  8. I love that my dad is always doing mission work in his own community, around the state and around the country. He is a total inspiration at the age of 70!

  9. I love my dad because he does “double duty”! My mother passed away when I was 11. In the past 20 years, he’s been both parents. Did I mention I was the baby and only girl of four?! He knew exactly what to do with the boys, but it was a little different with me! With the help of his parents, it all worked out! I honor my dad not only on Fathers’ Day, but Mothers’ Day and just everyday in general. 🙂

  10. I love my dad for the example he gave to us about love. Love is the special moments, doing things for others, taking the time to listen… really listen, surprises when you least expect it…. just because and most importantly making memories. Memories that last through the forgetfullness of his dementia, but leave an imprint for the next generation about love..

  11. My dad is no longer with me. He knew what to do in all situations. If he didn’t, he figured it out, and I always felt protected.

  12. My Dad is now in heaven with my Mom. One of my favorite memories with him was rebuilding a car engine when I was young. He was a man of few words but his positive example spoke volumes. Love & Miss him so much.

  13. My dad was an only child and his dad,a fire captain. So,a lot of him and his mom. He and my mom had 8 of us. Dad took us on fabulous camping vacations in late 1958,59, then all the’60’s. He set up huge tents and let us help. He let us girls, the 4 oldest, have our own little tent. They took us so many places. My dad was willing to do so many things with all of us. We learned a lot from him. We had a lot of fun but also learned a lot of history. He wasn’t a touch person, but showed his love in the time and teaching.

  14. I love my dad because he and my mom have been married for 55 years and though life has been hard, they still love each other and do their best to help us. He can fix anything, and he is very creative, inventing new ways to do things, and he is such a hard worker and absolutely brilliant. He gave us backrubs every morning to wake us for school, he tried to involve us in his life with everything like lawncare and car maintenance, and he prepared us well for the real world. He is an awesome grandpa to my kids, and a sweet great-grandpa to my granddaughter. I love him so much!

  15. My husband is a wonderful daddy because he is so patient, super fun, and grounded in The Lord! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I love my Dad because he believed in me and taught me with great compassion. Even though he was a cop and was considered intimidating (he was 6’6″) I was never afraid of him. He was a great example of unconditional love. This year will be our 10th Father’s Day without him!

  17. I love the compassion that my dad has for others. I have watched him helping those without anything and wanting nothing in return.

  18. Last year I mowed the lawn for my husband. He loved it. He took pictures of me mowing and then went in and relaxed with some video games. I had several neighborhood fathers give me a thumbs up or come over to tell me how cool it was that I was mowing the lawn for the hubs on Father’s Day. 🙂

  19. Miss my dad, as he died almost 3 years ago. Always could ask him for advice, and he seemed to know how to repair anything. He always made me feel special.

  20. I loved that my dad made me feel more important than anything. If he was talking on the phone, he would interrupt his conversation just so I could get a goodnight kiss. He loved to speculate with me about heaven, and explain to me all my questions about the Bible (Yes, he was a pastor). I miss him every day of my life even 24 years later.

  21. I am planning on getting my husband his fishing license. I know it sounds like no big deal, but he LOVES to fish, but feels like spending money on his fishing license as a luxury. He doesn’t buy his license, therefore he doesn’t fish. We will then let him pick a nice place to eat to celebrate his special day!

  22. I like to give my dad a coupon for me doing a chore for him that he can cash in at any time. I might have to try mowing the lawn for my husband this year – great idea! I also plan to make one of my husband’s fav meals.

  23. Our family takes my Dad (and mom) out for lunch after church to some place they have never been before. Spending a couple hours with them without anyone having to make – clean up – or serve anything is such a blessing. We all enjoy our uninterrupted time together.

  24. I love my Dad because he is a wonderful kind man. He is always helping others. Wanting to give his wise words for the new dad’s in our family. Always helping my husband with making our house a home without excepting a thank you from us he always say that I have the time or if I don’t do things around your house I’ll never get to see you. I love my Daddy. I love saying I love you Daddy.

  25. One Valentine’s Day, Dad came home to find the front hall lined with paper hearts hanging from the ceiling at eye level.. One each heart was written one thing special about Daddy.

  26. I again missed the cut-off, but wanted to respond anyway. The reason I love my husband is because he is IT! He is my TURTLE! He is calm, compassionate, strong, determined and loving. He makes me want to be a better woman, wife and mom.
    THANK YOU, THOM – I LOVE YOU! Happy Father’s Day.