My imperfect week…

I think it’s appropriate that I share some of my “imperfect” moments this week.

I completely missed a radio interview because I thought they were calling me and instead I was supposed to call them.  I forgot a friend’s birthday.   I had absolutely nothing ready for dinner on Wednesday and resorted to take out!

So what about you?  I’d love to hear about your imperfect moments this week!

We have a winner in the No More Perfect Moms book giveaway from Wednesday’s post about easy after school snacks.  Amy Howsley is our winner!  Amy, I’ll email you to get your mailing address!  Congratulations!

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So tell me about your imperfect moments this week!


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9 thoughts on “My imperfect week…

  1. I tried a recipe I hadn’t made in years on Wednesday night; it just wouldn’t cook and wouldn’t cook and we had to be at church so I finally slapped sandwich meat and crackers and tiny chunks of cheese (I needed to go shopping so there wasn’t much in the house) down on the table and had the kids bolt them.

    I totally lost it with one of my children who spilled paint on the carpet (it came up, by the way).

    I homeschool and I still haven’t written this week’s lesson plans. And yes, it is Friday. 😛 😀

    • Erin, I homeschool my youngest and find myself less than perfect on a daily basis! It’s a new week coming up, let this week go!

  2. I got in a fight with my husband (in front of the kids) over who would take my son to Cub Scouts. Neither of us wanted to go. Then I felt horrible that my son might feel unloved.

    I planned on meatloaf for dinner last night but realized at the last minute that I didn’t have all the ingredients. I tried to improvise but the result just wasn’t that good.

  3. I yelled at my 10.5mo daughter because she was trying to grab the laptop when I was trying to type, making me mess up pretty badly. I made her cry. 🙁 I felt so bad. She got lots of “I’m sorry”s and hugs. Totally could have handled the situation without yelling.


    Well, my husband surprised me with a plane ticket to from New Orleans, where we live, to San Diego where my best friend of 9 years just moved to 8 months ago. I’ve never been away from my husband nor my daughter, (age 2 1/2) I was insanely excited to make this trip! I am schedule to fly out in 8 hours. However, I spend 6 hours in the hosp. yesterday only to find out that I cannot go anywhere due to kidney stones! I am totally bummed! If that’s not imperfect timing I dont know what is!!!

  5. Coming COMPLETELY unglued w/my 7 1/2 yr old son this morning before school b/c he just would not get ready like I asked him, then tried to blame me for him not being able to find pants (he wanted to wear old jammie pants with holes, but I said no). I also FINALLY gave in and let him have a chocolate peanut butter EnviroKids bar for his breakfast as he was getting his coat and boots on…. 🙁

    We did make up and he gave me lots of hugs and kisses, and yelled an I love you Mom as the bus pulled up. He’s also unloaded the dishwasher numerous times a day and helped with his younger sister, as I’ve been sidelined by a severe sinus infection and severe asthma attack this week…

  6. My daughter called me from school Wednesday morning and asked me to put money in her lunch account so she could buy lunch that day. I TOTALLY forgot. I had a doctor appt that day and got busy before I left for the appt. That evening she told me all she had was apple juice for lunch 🙁 The lunch ladies told her that she could have a cheese sandwich for free but my daughter said “I can’t, my mom doesn’t like for me to have gluten.” Great, not only did I not put money in her acct, I also kept her from eating bread! She was very gracious about it though!